Supreme Clean, partnered with Anachem NI, provide ready-to-use cleaning solutions to customers across Ireland. MSDS available. 

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Bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal surface sanitiser

Food safe. Optimal disinfection. Ready-to-use

 No rinse required. Non-tainting & bleach-free

 Passing EN 1276, EN 1650, EN 14476

PCS: 100854


Bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal, no rinse required

Ideal for all food plant, food contact and food preparation areas

Innovative cleaning technology. Incredible results.

  • Quattro Extreme: used by MediLink's fleet of Ambulances
  • Commando: used by Freightspeed fleet

COVID-UV (750ml)

Bactericidal, virucidal surface sanitiser

Fragranced. Optimal disinfection. Ready to use

Effective against Corona Virus (5 minutes)

PCS: 100737

COVID-UV (5 Litre)

Bactericidal, Virucidal. Multi-surface sanitiser

Fragranced. Optimal disinfection. Ready to use

Passing EN1276, EN1650 & EN14476

PCS: 100737

COMMANDO (5 Litre)

Hard surface sanitiser

Bactericidal, virucidal

Perfumed. Optimal disinfection. Ready to use.

Ideal for worktops, general cleaning, bathroom, tiles

PCS: 100757

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